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Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Excellence

The BOMA Certificate of Excellence is backed by a rigorous certification program that involves a written submission and an onsite visit. Information to be included and scored includes: building management and operations, community impact, tenant relations/communications, energy management and conservation, environmental, regulatory and sustainability initiatives, and the training of the building personnel. Building Categories include: Historical Building, Industrial Office Building, Mixed-Use Building(s), Office Building(s), and Retail category(s).


A Certificate of Excellence online registration form must be completed along with fees submitted to the BOMA Toronto office. Applicants must work on completing their full submission in accordance with the guidebook and once finished, they will upload their completed submission via the online BOMA International TOBY portal. Details regarding the online portal use will be emailed to each applicant.


Deadline - Friday, February 14, 2020 at 4 p.m.

All final submissions must be completed and entered online by this date. 

Fee: $795 per building + HST made payable to BOMA Toronto (1 Dundas Street West, Suite 1800, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3)

Note:  COE entrants will be expected to submit a one-time $50USD data-submission fee payable to BOMA International during the use of the TOBY portal online awards platform.


A celebration recognizing the people and companies that have met the standard will take place at the annual BOMA Toronto Celebration of Excellence Gala. Certification plaques, congratulatory banners, and BOMA Toronto TOBY Awards will be presented. The individual(s) submitting the building/facility will be recognized along with building/facility personnel who ensures this high standard of excellence is achieved.


Key Dates

Registration Form



BOMA Toronto TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards will be presented to the highest scoring (minimum 80%) Certificate of Excellence recipients in each of the TOBY and non-TOBY (Public Assembly Building) categories. All award winners will have their Certificate of Excellence valid for 5 years, instead of 3 years. Winners of BOMA Toronto TOBY Awards may be eligible to advance to the National competition if they meet the eligibility requirements. Details on the National awards program can be found at BOMA Canada website.


For the 2020 Awards cycle - Certificate of Excellence winners who last submitted in January 31, 2017 are now eligible to compete. COE winners are eligible to compete every 3 years.

For the 2020 Awards cycle - TOBY winners who last submitted in January 31, 2014, are now eligible to compete. TOBY winners are eligible to compete after 5 years, if entering in the same TOBY category.

For the 2020 Awards cycle - TOBY winners who last submitted in January 31, 2016, are now eligible to complete. TOBY winners are eligible to compete after 3 years, if entering in a different TOBY category.